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Heating Systems
Dyker Height Plumbing Services can provide you with any type of heating solution depending on your requirement. Whether it’s solar heating, under floor heating, heat pumps, or central heating,
Leak Systems
We Dyker Heights Plumbing Services are well established and have been on the US for many years. We have extensive knowledge in all types of repairs and products.
Toilet Systems
Toilet repair words that strike fear in the heart of every homeowner. Be afraid, be very afraid. NOT! How many of you have had fix a clogged toilet? Everyone, right? Well actually don’t worry to fix and all you usually need to do his just.

Hot water circulator

Our system works by putting hot water into the hot water line instantly, using a pump with a built-in timer at the water heater and one or more bypass valves. The hot water circulation pump keeps the water in your pipes moving, resulting in a constant availability of hot water-without the wait or the waste! And the pump's unique design ensures quiet, maintenance-free operation.

• The Pump Installed At Your Water Heater Sends Hot Water Through Your Home's Pipes
• Comfort Valve Installed At Sink Closes When Hot Water Arrives At Your Sink
• Comfort Valve Opens And Re-circulates Water Back Through Cold Water Lines If Water Temperature Gets Cold You will always have hot water waiting for you at your sink or faucet as well as showers and fixtures that use hot water. The positive effect of this hot water circulator can also greatly affect your pocket book! The water utility savings alone can allow this system to pay for itself in as little time as its first year of operation.