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Heating Systems
Dyker Height Plumbing Services can provide you with any type of heating solution depending on your requirement. Whether it’s solar heating, under floor heating, heat pumps, or central heating,
Leak Systems
We Dyker Heights Plumbing Services are well established and have been on the US for many years. We have extensive knowledge in all types of repairs and products.
Toilet Systems
Toilet repair words that strike fear in the heart of every homeowner. Be afraid, be very afraid. NOT! How many of you have had fix a clogged toilet? Everyone, right? Well actually don’t worry to fix and all you usually need to do his just.

Air conditioning

Dyker Height Plumbing Services are the best in the market providing a quality services in the air conditioner systems, like repair, sell, installing services etc….We can supply and fit from one to ten Mitsubishi air conditioning units in your home, offices, schools, colleges, apartments, theatres, stadium etc. We have a professional and handsome experienced team to handle any sort of problems.

Yet another example of our personal service, which is tailor-made for each individual client, is using our own qualified electrician to oversee from start to finish the installation of your new units. This provides you with a complete one-stop personal service and all units come with a two year guarantee. We are the best in this market providing a caliber air conditioner repair, sell, and install services in your locality, with affordable charges.